So Simple, Impossible to Miss

Saw this in the room in a small motel at campground in VA where I went on recent weekend, had a good laugh at this (but didn't get chance to take pix of it so drew a duplicate) :)



Whilst in Canada on weekend of Oct 9., Canada Thanksgiving...I was happy to run wildly out of school and screech my tires on Thurs toward Canada with a big grin...Perhaps I grinned too much that weekend...Hence...on Fri. nite, we were visiting Kyle, Maggie, and MACanadian in London. While clomping toward MACanadian's home where we were going to sleep over to save the trip as 195 want to go to auto place to get new tires for the front. I saw a mouse and start running, screaming with 195 running after me to calm me down. Actually no, I was being a kid at heart that I start galloping and racing with 195...Somewhere along the way on grass by sidewalk, it decided to push me back into sidewalk...While I was propelling toward sidewalk at toothbreaking speed, 195, being knightly he's, grabbed my arm. Unfortunately, it didn't save me and I ended up smacking face first, missed to brace with my hands and knees. I was in daze and got a big gash of scrape on side of my face. Whew, nothing was broken...wait, wait, my front tooth feel funny, yes, it was broke in half!

No use to try to get a view of my hockey face when you see me because on the next day, 195's mother sent me to his gentlemanly dentist. He was suppose to go for early bird Thanksgiving dinner but came in to see me for emergency and got it fixed in nick of time, no, no, not nick of tooth, time!



Finally a post after a quite extent of blog vacation :)
Saw this story on news, found it hilarious...enjoy!