Where am I?

Hello hello again!

Fianlly I got my hands on a computer for sufficent amount of time to do some updating :) Imagine that as I am typing this blog, it's around 8am over there while its 1pm here.
I got to London, England tired and excited. London was a busy city but more interesting to look at as the buildings were lot nice than NYC and the people were quite stylish. Bezaire, 195 and I left our backpacks at a hotel and tour most of the city, then meet up with a friend, Himel who live in London. We spent most of days sightseeing famous places and our evening chatting with deafies of London. We were supposed to leave on sunday morning but turned out that Eurostar was full due to people going out of country for Bank holiday (same as memorial weekend back at home) this weekend so we managed to get the one on monday evening, which was today. So in other word we ended up staying in London for 5 days! I wish I could tell more details of what we do in London but the time was limiting. I'll try to do more in when I arrive in next country/city, which is Paris, France.



Trip Itinerary

Boy boy this is my first time to use blog ever! I never own a livejournal or blog like many of my friends do. Lets see how I fare at this :D Heh, have some patience with my trails & errors. So here is our, 195 (Michael) and FrecklesFly (me->Rachy), trip itinerary of Europe this summer:

->Arrive in London, Great Britain on May 26, staying there approx 3 days)
->Depart from London to Paris on May 29
->Paris May 29- 31
***May 31, starting our 60 days Eurail Pass***

  • Spain and Portugal (Madrid, Lisbon, Salema/Algarve, Seville, Barcelona) June 1- june 11
  • South France ( Arles/Random town, Nice) June 12-14
  • Northern Italy (Cinque Terre, Florence, Sienna) June 15-19
  • Southern Italy (Roma, Naples) June 20-23
  • Venice, Italy June 24-25 or 26
  • Switzerland (Zermatt, Interlaken) June 28-30
  • Prague, Czech July 1-4
  • Krakow, Poland July 5-6
  • Budapest, Hungary July7-8
  • Dubrovnik,Croatia July 9-10
  • Vienna, Austria July 11-12
  • Germany (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg) July 13-21
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands July 22-24
***4 days left unfilled in case if we want extra days or happen to miss the train!***

->We will arrive in Brussels, Belgium either July 28 or 29

->Return to Great Britain, hope to visit Ireland if time and money permits

->Lastly, flying back home on Aug 10

***dates and places are subject to change ***

Bon Voyage!~FrecklesFly