On one night of recent weekends, when leaving our friends' place in London, 195 and I were hungry for late night snack. So we stopped at popular pizza place that open late into night for those people who's coming out of bars/clubs that's closing up for the night. I never really looked at the name of this pizza place but the pizzas were so good and cheap.

We each got two delicious, mouth-watering slices, then went straight to shakers to add on more flavors. I picked up a shaker with white stuffs in it and put on a generous amount of it as parmesan was sometimes hard to get out of shaker. Soon as I put it down to get to hot peppers flakes shaker, 195 asked what previous shaker was. Parmesan, I mouthed, and he look kind of mystified and double looked at it. He commented that it was actually salt.

I could not believe him as there was only two shakers there and in every places I know, they were always consist of parmesan and hot peppers. I looked and just had to taste a dash it to believe my eyes and it was SALT! Nevertheless, I still ate my piece, little salty but I was not about to waste it :P

Beware of shakers, look then shake :D