On another day, I was driving, familiarize myself with the city of London and on errand. I idly stared at acres and acres of green lawns freshly mowed. Back of my head start to whirring and clicking, an question, "Why were those people even taking their time out of their busy life schedule to simply mow the lawns that no one really use, much less to lay down on or traipse on or picnicking, so forth?"

What was wrong with letting grass go tall? Especially a sprawling land of Hospital or retirement home or park even, where people did not really use those acres of cutted grasses. Yes, people went to park, yet, where do you see them? Mostly in BBQ area and around it, otherwise most remain on or near trails. I was sure children won't mind tall grasses in their backyards if they grew up with it that way and did not know the difference, only if they did play in it as it was diminishing leisure among youngsters of this generation .

In Europe, there were many parks and people actually flood it, using most of grasses for their lunchtimes, sun-napping time, etc. What even more, not all of it were mowed and people still sit in the tall grasses.

With all those "Global Warming" screaming at us and the gas prices soaring up, look at those lawns! Forget cars for a minute, start ditching gas-chugging mowers and let grass grow wild!! :)