Moonlight Run

Two days ago, I went out to run at 10 am from intersection of E. River rd & Bailey rd, all way up to lights at intersection of John rd and Bailey rd. Instantly I was hit with heavy heat and humid in scorching sun as it was an open road with no shades thrown on it. My body feel laden and screaming for water as eyes were starting to see black spots. I stopped to duck into shade way off road about 3/4 of Bailey rd before John rd.
I gave in to nature .
Tonight at 9 pm, bit late, yes, I went out to run (never ever went for run at night beside walking, rollerblading, and biking) in much cool air with just enough light to last. This time nature and I was able to cooperate :) I managed to run all way from start to lights of John rd and back to the start with no stopping. At end, it feel like you weren't connected to your body as it sort of float on, knees bending and foot placing front of each other. Good long run!
Highlight of night, lots of fireflies in meadows on the side of road!


Boy, boy, Sabres and Hurricanes are in dead-lock with 3 wins each..
lets see which one with all of clawing, punching, jostling, slamming, hitting, banging, scrambling, ok, enough with adjectives, is going to grab the final position into Stanley Cup Final after the Game 7 :D


Oil'em Furryhoofers!

Edmonton Oilers -> Stanley Cup Final

Buffalo Sabres 2 - Carolina Hurricanes 3

~oooOOOhoooOOOoooOOOh~ One once said,"Important part was to see that none of Canadian team make it to the final" Well well, they are there.....

Lets see which the un-um-fortunate American team to make it there :D


Energy-Saving Firefly

Looking for some cool t-shirts? Look no more!... www.threadless.com ...I came across this cool site, while looking for a birthday gift for my childhood friend; we practically grew up together since age 1.
Designs printed on t-shirts were submitted by anyone all over the world and the viewer give score on those they liked best. At end of each 7 days, designs with highest score will be printed and sold from this site (winners get money for their design as well) While looking, I saw one design which was funny so gotta share this with you!