Firestone or should I say FlagitiousShop

While taking my car in for inspection in Dec., they said I needed 4 new tires before they could pass me (they were nice enough not to charge me for two inspections) Even through I knew one of my tires was replaced not long before! Nevertheless, I went ahead and get four new tires and save good one in my trunk. Guess where I went for tires? Yes, Firestone as they offered lower price than the most.

However, later in this month I took car in at Firestone for tire rotation as its part of warranty. I asked them for their opinion if the calipers need replacing (they're device that push brakes) as it seem to be wearing out that cause stopping not to go smoothly. At that time, front brakes were already replaced on the day before at home. When I picked the car up and get the invoice, I couldn't believe my eyes as they recommend new front brakes (remember they were practically new, just placed in the day before). Plus other labors such as brake system flush, clean, adjustment, etc and they did agree that calipers need replacing. The total was $827.41, no worries it was going to be done at home. How could they lied about brakes when its obviously new, eh?

That's not all...When I took the car to home for my dada to do the calipers as they were tough to do. He's far experienced than I am, I was still learning. He had a such hard time to get lugs off the tire to get the tire off to do the calipers inside... As of result two lugs were worn out and no longer able to be screwed back on. I had never saw it happened like this before as I usually was able to get it off myself so if my dada had hard time then they sure overdid their screwing.

So, here I went again back to Firestone to have those lugs replaced, at no charge. When I explained the situation, the guy smirked and seem not believe that it was their fault. He also said lug was not a big factor and it was probably stud that was damaged. If stud have to be replaced, it would cost me. I just stood firm and told them to replace the lugs as I knew its just lugs for the studs were fine (already checked). Finally the guy took it in and at the end, he did replace not just two but all five lugs on one tire. Later, he handed me the invoice and said, its possible that lugs was damaged while unscrewing the tire for caliper replacement "by hand!" as he wrote.

Hmph, suppose I got a flat tire in middle of highway, shouldn't I be able to get the tire off? Yeah, then they were not doing their job right!

I would be sticking to Dunn's Tires or Pep Boys in the future as I didn't have problem with them in the past, just the price was bit more.



1984? Yea, that's a year after my sister was born and just before 1985, when we moved from California up to Washington State. There's nothing specific in this period of year, why?....Oh that "1984"? What do you have to say about that "1984" book, I would like to see your perspectives of it, I was sure there were some points I didn't see.

My overall opinion of this book was that it was bit dry and extremely depressing as humans were dehumanized. That make me shudder and would freak if I lose my free will. As one point out, this book may be good for putting a perspective of future could possibly be so that we could be prepared for the worst and keep it from happening or so forth. However, I feared it might promote the idea and some of it could happen just because that author brought the idea up. Just as Marx, his idea was for good cause but other took it up and use it in totally different twist. Anyway, that's just my side of view.. what's yours? :)

On to the next, "Oryx and Crake"......wonder what was its vision of future, will be reading it soon as 195 bring it for me to borrow :)


Life's Surprise

Does life sometimes surprise you? What surprise, you say? Ok, back then in my good ol'days of high school where kids run freely with no hint of worries that real world burden us... ok, ok I am getting to the point, heh...in 1998, a group of deaf students from school in Stockholm, Swede came to visit our school and stay with students' families for a week. A girl named Susanne Andersson, who happend to be from a deaf family, stayed with us. Later in 1999, during my senior year, group of us went to Europe for three weeks (three countries). Swede was one of them, I stayed with Susanne's family for a week as well (visiting her school and another city, Oreboro). We had exchanged emails afterward but lost touch and address so long ago that she was no more than a memory in picture.
Out of blue recently, she managed to track me down as she remembered that my dad worked at my school so she contacted my school and my dad forwarded her email to me. She's currently living 10 min out of Oreboro, Swede. I have been wondering about her and I was thrilled to be in touch once again :) Also more pep in Europe to visit *winks*