Black Friday

Raise you hands (or "blog commet hand") if you have experience or seen Black Friday first-hand (its the huge sales in limited amount of hours on the Friday, the day right after Thanksgiving) I have heard of it but never seen or experienced. Alas, I was scheduled to work on that ill-fated day at Target, forced out of bed at 5:45 AM! There was a long line of people already waiting outside Target, there was even a food stand truck provided. Once the doors opened, yep, many customers rushed in. All of them either walk very fast or jog abit, taking lot of short cuts, mainly toward electronics or toys area. It was funny to watch how they all act from my register station. I was glad that I was not among them with all grabbing and arguing, so forth. There was even bunch of people being shoved to floor at entrance of store in Missouri. My mom went shopping that day (not one of those people that stand waiting but a hour or so later when its easier to go in) with my brother. She saw a knives stand at real good deal and it was last one. There was a woman with her arms full of stuff near her, protested that she saw it first. Yeah, maybe she saw but she don't have her hands on it but my mom was too nice and just let her have it rather than argue about it. She eventually got same one in Webster where they have more. Interesting day, interesting people, interesting capitalism country, huh? :)


Secret Places

Rochester certainly know how to keep its secrets so well that you might kept on finding surprises non-stop. Two weekends ago or so, Leigh and I were heading out to Spot, the coffee house as many know, on East Ave. We happened to take different turn that took us on S. Clinton to lower part of Alexander St. away from Rochester. We spotted different coffee house on the corner of these two streets, called Boulder Coffee Co. So we thought why not checking it out so we went in. Its actually cool little old high beams ceiling, funky style among couches, small-large tables, board games to borrow and even computer provided. Only thing that was missing of that place were the mountains outside, heh. They have many more kinds of chai and other drinks which were quite good. Check it out on http://bouldercoffeeco.com/ We went there again yesterday and when we left, we turned on South Ave. aka. we found more cool places. There was a amazing old house store that sells all old house parts like door knobs, hinges, ceiling lights, doors, and many more. Its called Historic Houseparts, the interior of house reminded me somewhat of where my grandparents used to live in D.C. On that street also have neat hair salon called R Salon that cost around $19 for cut, my sister went there twice and were very satisfied with their style. Also there's cool artisc bar called LUX that I haven't gotten chance to check yet but based on Leigh and Lore's comments, it must be good place to hang out. There's still more places on South Ave., its certainly one of places beside East Ave, Park Ave, and Alexander St that you got to check out :) Want to know good restaurants spots in Rochester? Ask TallWolf :)


Coats, eh?

While working at Target, theres lot of interesting things you can see of what customers are buying these days. One of things being brought are coats for dogs. Yes, a thick coat with puffy collar and all the works that you usually see on humans in wintertime. Why would dogs need coats, beside the cute outfits for them on Halloween? They already have fur, lots of them that some of us actually envy them comparing to our hairless, freezing skin. Wonder whats next? Shoes? Already got them at Target.... Pierced ears? Possibly!


Meek News

Went Canada last weekend, partly for Ontario Deaf Volleyball Tourney. Some said, " Still coming to Canada, eh?". Yep, every chance, might eventually live there at some point, I was sure :) such as BC for summer, maybe.
It sure annoyed Jesse when I signed their signs, it was out of habit. Heck, you were on their soil. Suppose you were in Germany and you signed ASL, they would move off fast, hence, we got to adjust to its culture to get across to each other, wasn't that right?

Volleyball Tourney was short for 195's team,as they lose out. Only got to see much of game, only 3/4 of last one, didn't get to see much of old faces either. The location was terrible and barely enough room for fans. Unlike old time when it usually took place in Milton at ECD school, certainly one of best times.
Spent most of the time in Toronto, disappointingly, we forgot to stop by best Cheese store on Kensington Ave. Definitely would make a stop there when going up to Toronto during last week of Nov. to get my SIN (Social Insurance Numbers), its same as SSN (Social Security Numbers) in USA.
Until then......


Been There & Not Been There,yet...

Saw that link (http://www.world66.com/myworld66/login?redirecturl=/community)
thru 195....For fun, to see how much I've covered :)




Hmphspatz, not enough of Canada...Now I'm thinking of travel most of it this summer, hehe and more of countries in near future, hopefully. Guess I have itchy feet :)