Long Journey to California

beware of ATA airlines, best services not provided. (my first time to use ATA airline)

Long trip, in short story...

Tuesday - 20 June, 2006

- Kissed 195 good bye before entering the gates area at LGA airport

- boarding time but delayed as other plane for Houston, TX was still there

4:35pm- original scheduled take off time but none of us were boarded yet

- finally boarded

- took off

- landed at O'Hara (supposed to land at Midway but flap brakes malfunction so had to land at O'hara as they have long runway w/firetrucks and ambulances waiting) (my next flight from Midway to LAX was to be at 7:40 on southwest airline, arriving in LAX by 10:05pm)

Ard 1 hr span
- we were being detained in plane

- finally let off the plane and pick up our baggage, then waited for arranged bus (it was one limo and one limobus) to take us to Midway

- argued at ticketing desk (a gal who s heading to LAX, too, did all of talking for her & me) ATA kept refer us to Southwest and they refer us back to them. There was no more flights out to LAX and Southwest said we would have to be on standby but finally they had us confirmed a seat on plane at 6:25am, instead of standby. ATA finally gave us an apology coupons (consist $10 phone card, $10 food, & $50 off on next booking) but no place to sleep for the nite.

-rushed to get some food because food court closed at 10:30 but too late as security wont let us though because our permission slip (must have airline ticket to get in gates area) wasn't authorized yet so had to drag an ATA representative down to get them to let us in. Luckily there's one 24 hours food stand.

12am- Midway airport gave us cots in hallway with airplane blanket and pillow.

- airport workers woke us up and kicked us out of cots, went to my departing gate to wait and snooze abit

6am-informed stewardess that I'm deaf and was ushered first in line to board (southwest didn't have assigned seats) & had them to let hearing girl who helped me to go in first with me in way of thanking her.

- took off without any more delays, whew.

- touched down in LAX at last on Wednesday - 21 June, 2006

Here I am in state of sunshine & in city of smog for next 2 months, eh :)


Grimes of NYC

I stayed at 195's halfway house (two gals offered their apt. for him to stay temp. during his co-op) in NYC for a week & so before flying out to California for 2 months (little escape from Rochy before the schooling this fall, unf, that take me faraway from 195 :( )
Since I was staying with 195 for an quite length & was only one home during the day, I was "live in maid" in fairness for generous period of visitation & one of things to do. Sure gave apartment a deep cleaning, which meant sweeping almost every inch, dusting, wiping window sills several times, scrubbing walls, floor, countertops, stove, bathroom, and mopping. No matter how many time I swept prior to mopping or wipe sills, there's more dirt. The residents of this apartment did clean regularly, unfortunately, NYC's grime was unbelievable and nearly impossible to get rid of completely.

Least I knew I left this place 95% cleaner for them, here's pix of a beauty of living in NYC :)


Yep, I 'm late in posting my part about this Stanley Cup......

What a disappointment!

Little highlight beside this disappointing game.. USA is out of World Cup! *cackles*


Too close for comfort

Updates on Hockey if some of ya haven't had the chance to follow up or just simply forgot about it :D

Edmonton 2 - Carolina 3

Lets see what Game 6 would bring, will Edmonton continuing to Game 7 or will Carolinas claim the Cup???


Whoo hoo!

Got a better quiz for u guys and here's my result :D

as of "how american are you?" i'm 25% american,
it'll always be part of me due to being born here :)

How Canadian Are You?

YOU, my friend, are 100% Canadian! You are what Canadians are all about! (and that's about. not a boot.) You, my friend, are AWESOME!
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Just checked upon whether Stanley Cup final will be shown on local channel...
Yep, it will start showing after Game 2, so you will be able to see Game 3 up to Game 6 on NBC (thats far as I can go on the tv listing) if you got cable, you are lucky to see Game 1 & 2

Edmonton 4 - Carolina 5 (Game 1), hmphspatz



Tell me what is the first thing that pop in your mind when u see "via"?

For no apparent reason, yesterday in one of my debating with my conscience's random thoughts while walking to home. The word "via" popped up, when using in sentence, you know what it mean but what do it really mean by means of dictionary?

canada railway?
virtual interface architecture?

Thought it would be fun to look up.....

by way of
by means of
its also a Latin word for "way" & "path"

Hm! Simplified way to say your message rather than pick one of "to", "by", "thro" and etc from English list of words :)


Tearing its way into Final

Hurricanes are in the Stanley Cup Final!
[in a way I wish it was Sabres, nevertheless, its Canadian vs. American :) ]

Some games will be shown on NBC and WHEC (10) channel(only see Game 3 & 4 on schedule but will follow up).

~Game schedule~

Monday, June 5
Edmonton at Carolina, 8 p.m.

Wednesday, June 7
Edmonton at Carolina, 8 p.m.

Saturday, June 10
Carolina at Edmonton, 8 p.m.

Monday, June 12
Carolina at Edmonton, 8 p.m.

Wednesday, June 14
*Edmonton at Carolina, 8 p.m.

Saturday, June 17
*Carolina at Edmonton, 8 p.m.

Monday, June 19
*Edmonton at Carolina, 8 p.m.